About me: Tina 

I see it in every classroom I step into, hear it in the questions students ask, and feel it in the heart of my work with students in the moments it takes over.

Creativity belongs to all of us. 


Creative ideas seek us out when we give ourselves permission to be artists, investigators, explorers, designers, and glorified mistake-makers. 

We learn a lot about ourselves by being together and expressing what matters the most to us. From little whims to big ideas, we all have something inside of us that wants to be explored creatively. When we share our evidence of the journey our inspiration took us on, we become further inspired by each other. This is learning.


How can we work together?

I am always looking for connections & collaborations in this work. 

Is your school looking to host a residency with a teaching artist? Check out the Right Brain Initiative

Or perhaps you are looking to bring an arts experience to your organization's event, such as: 

Bringing the arts to an awesome scavenger hunt!

Or...maybe you're a fellow teaching artist looking to collaborate on a project? 

Let's chat!

I welcome ideas & questions at: 


To see some of my past projects with students, visit: Past Projects