Design: Bug Houses

Designers collaborate to meet the needs of communities. 

In this semester long project, Design students cycled through the Design process to inquire and analyze, develop ideas,construct a logical plan, and evaluate: How can we design a bughouse to attract native pollinators? 


Inquiry & Analysis: 

Students research pollination and its role in our daily lives. Through a series of readings, interviews, and videos, students investigate the possible causes and ways of lessening the impact of Colony Collapse Disorder to formulate questions to interview a bee ecologist.

Develop Ideas: 

Students look to the beehive and consider how the hexagon functions as a design element of efficiency. Students learn how to draw a perfect hexagon, and sketch out possibilities of how to collaboratively construct a space that would attract native pollinators. 

Constructing a Logical Plan:

Students work in groups to create hexagonal forms into clay cells. Using their research, students make informed decisions on color choice, materials, and the most effective placement for the Bug House on the school campus. 


Students create a chart to note qualitative observations of the Bug House in its years to come.