Workshops for Young Artists

COVE (Connected, Open-minded, Vibrant, Empowered) is a camp designed for youth to explore and express their identity through creative writing and visual arts programming. 


When & Where: 10am-3pm Monday through Friday 7/29/19-8/9/19

                           Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

         Our gallery reception will be held on 8/10/18 from noon to 1pm at the camp's location. 


COVE's workshops will culminate in a final celebration exhibition to share the voices of Portland's youth through their creative expression.   

Who can apply? 

Any PPS (Portland Public School) student (or student living in Portland) that qualifies for free or reduced lunch. This is a free program designed for students whose creative voices we need to hear more from. 

Not sure if you're creative?

You are. Come join us and see.